The following people are very important for the success of our project – thank you very much for all your help! Without Tom Ammermann and his constant reassurance that the future of audio rests with Spatial Audio, I would never have come up with the idea! Thanks for your many tips!

Tom Ammermann, producer, sound designer and audio engineer
Since the late 1990s Tom Ammermann has worked with surround sound and everything that has got to do with it. A few years ago he discovered 3D-Audio which is now his main subject. He was among the first 3D-technology pioneers and was in charge of many movie- and music-productions. He developed „the Spatial Audio Designer“ with his company New Audio Technology.

Markus Bertram, acoustician
Because of his extensive knowledge of room acoustics we chose Markus Bertram to optimize our studio in 2005. He is also supporting us with this project and the upcoming studio renovations.

Udo Masshoff, drumtech
Udo Masshoff is the expert for drums and especially drum sound. He has already been called „Platon of drum sounds“. A statement I can only emphasize. Most of my drum skills I learnt from him.

Matthias Kronlachner, soft- and hardware developer for sound engineering
Matthias Kronlachner is taking care of the whole range of music production. He did research concerning the new 3D-format Ambisonics at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and developed it further. The presentation of his panning software made a big impression on me. After meeting up at the ICSA 2014 I asked him if he could answer me some questions and he was so kind to give me the answers.