The idea of creating spatial music has been around for quite a while (Palestrina, Stockhausen, etc.), but due to its immense technical effort it has rarely been put into practice and if so merely in the acoustic or experimental electronic area. So far,
there have neither been playback devices nor recording studios capable of the complexity that comes with 3D-sound.
At the moment this situation is undergoing a fundamental transition and we are in the midst of it. There already are a few electronic, jazz and classical productions and with our project we want to help establish pop music to its breakthrough in 3D.
3D has to be composed and arranged in a special way because until now it is unusual that music takes place all around the listener. It is still common that there is one stage on which the artist performs. The removal of this barrier will allow totally new sound possibilities!
If you want to make use of these means to give your music an outstanding sound impact get in touch with us! We’ll compose, arrange, produce or mix your music in 3D-sound!